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"Thank you for using your talents to help Elijah develop his own. 

I am very impressed with what you are doing for him, and am grateful that you are a part of his life." 


- Giancarlo, dad of Elijah

"I believe brain training is important for Charlie's life, and well worth doing. I have seen some instances of responsible independence and self-awareness in every day life. He is more willing to try to spell on his own and less tentative."

-Lynn, mom of Charlie

"William and Kurtis are more willing to get homework done, rather than being daunted by it.  Vicki is an excellent listener and has always taken the time to answer any questions or go over any concerns.  She is constantly looking ahead to adjust, give encouragement and a new strategy.  She also makes it fun."

- Kari, mom of William and Curtis

"It is our pleasure to recommend Vicki as a brain trainer.  Our 7-year-old daughter completed the brain training with Vicki.  The program stretched and challenged our daughter Alyssa.  Under Vicki’s direction and coaching, Alyssa was able to expand her attention and increase her auditory and visual processing skills.  Vicki helped Alyssa rise to the challenge and rigors of the brain training.  Vicki knew just how much to expect out of her, always continually pushing and challenging her appropriately. We are grateful our daughter was able to increase her thinking skills through the brain training with Vicki."   


- Debbie, mom of Alyssa

"Our grandson was failing in every subject in a private school. It affected his attitude and choice of friends. Then he started working with Vicki, his trainer, who made sessions so fun that he looked forward to each one. He began to act like a thinking, intelligent young man in our conversations. He replaced wild crazy comments with thoughtful reflections. He felt grown up and smart."


- Pam, Grandmother of Raphael

"Regarding our twin boys:

[They went] from failing

in 3rd grade to

honors/AP prep

in 6th grade.

Can’t thank you enough."


- Ken, dad of William

and Kurtis

"This whole process didn't just help me in school, but it helped me with my everyday life. I am now able to go through my day with confidence in what

I am doing."


- 17-year-old, high school student

"Working with Vicki has helped pull my daughter out of a pattern of low self expectations and low performance. Where before she met with tutors twice a week for mediocre grades, she now gets top grades with no outside assistance. The treatment paid for itself in saved tutoring costs. She is a happy teen with more confidence in her ability than ever before. 


- Mom of high school student

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