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​As an Educational Therapist, Vicki coaches students in the discovery and implementation of strategies that work for their academic and life success.


For over 20 years, Vicki has guided students and adults to alternative learning styles that strengthen underlying processing skills. She is passionate about brain training and enjoys working with children and adults in individualized 1:1 sessions. Starting with a flexible mindset framework, Vicki implements current research-based tools and techniques to help her clients name and aim their strengths to reach their learning and memory peaks.


When Vicki is not devouring the latest brain science, she loves a good audiobook and a hike in the mountains or around town.

Vicki Rekedal

For 16 years, Vicki enjoyed walks with the deeply loved family Schnoodle, Winston. 


Certifications and Advanced Studies


Master's Degree in Educational Therapy


PACE: Processing and Cognitive enhancement

Master The Code: Reading and Spelling program

Brain Gym: Brain-Body Integration

Auditory Discrimination in Depth

Ready Bodies, Learning Minds: Movement to integrate retained reflexes and prepare the body for learning

The Listening Program: Therapeutic Listening System to help regulate the nervous system and prepare for learning

Clifton Strengths Coach: A strengths-based approach to learning, teamwork, and life

Edu-therapeutics Learning Ability Platform

Let's talk! 

"This brain training and trainer, Vicki, has changed our lives.  The confidence, joy of learning and ability to focus on a task and get it done has grown in enormous measures.  Vicki saw Nate for who he was and was able to draw things out in him that up until this point no school system could.  He talks more, he talks about school, and he enjoys reading for the first time. He retains knowledge like never before.  He is thriving.  He acts and feels “smart” and is proud of himself."


- Brita, mom of Nate

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