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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Making changes in the brain requires intensive training. Similar to physical training, brain training has bigger gains through consistent intensive training, which lasts between 12 and 24 weeks.

What are the major causes of learning problems?

  • Phonemic awareness: the ability to blend, segment and analyze sounds in words. This is the foundation of reading ability and successful spelling.

  • Attention/Concentration: the ability to stay on task and move past distractions.

  • Memory: the ability to recall and use information, including short term, working and long term memory.

  • Comprehension: the ability to understand and express that understanding.

  • Processing speed: the ability to handle information quickly.

Do you work with Dyslexia?

Yes. I was originally trained to help people who struggle with dyslexia, and have continued to add strategies that target dyslexia remediation.

What results does brain training get?

The primary goal of brain training is to develop comfortable, autonomous learners. I guarantee I will do everything I can to help clients increase their learning skills. If I feel that I cannot improve a client’s learning skills, I will direct you to a place that will suit the client’s needs. Each client has strengths and challenges specific to them, which is why one-on-one training is so effective and important. 

Is a lack of motivation the cause of learning problems?

People do well if they can. If weak processing skills or some other learning difficulty gets in the way of learning, a response may be to stop putting in effort. When tools and training are provided that help learners develop necessary skills, motivation excels.

Is brain training similar to tutoring?

Brain training and tutoring are different. Brain training addresses lagging foundational skills that are necessary to become successful at academic skills. Tutoring addresses academic skills. When a learner struggles with more than one skill, addressing the root cause through brain training makes the most lasting change.

How much will it cost?

It will depend on the needs of the client and the combination of programs that will address those needs. Some programs have licensing fees and specialized materials. You can schedule a consultation phone call today for free to discuss.

How do I get started?

Three straightforward steps:

  1. Schedule an informational consultation call to discuss your learning, memory, and attention skill concerns.

  2. Participate in an initial session.

  3. Schedule brain training sessions.

What ages do you work with?

Ages 5 - 105. Processing skills, executive function, memory, attention and focus can be trained at any and all ages. Neuroscience research has shown that brains have neuroplasticity and can change throughout lifespans.

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