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Attention Struggles & ADHD

Struggling to focus and pay attention can impact many areas of life for children and adults. Keeping up with school work, completing tasks, feeling confident on the job, following instruction, staying on top of the demands of life, and even driving safely are just some of the things that can be more difficult when an attention disorder is present. Stretch Your Brain is here to help. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that impacts the ability to focus and pay attention. Children and adults of any age can struggle with the disorder. Stretch Your Brain Cognitive Training services have helped people who struggle with this condition.

ADHD is not a learning disability.

However, having ADHD can make learning difficult, because paying attention and staying focused is a key component to learning. About 50 percent of children that struggle with ADHD also have some sort of learning disability, according to Attitude Magazine.

Attention Symptoms May be Related to Retained Primitive Reflexes 

  • Wiggles constantly, seeming to have “ants in the pants”

  • Wanders around the classroom

  • Hums and makes distracting noises all of the time

  • Poor handwriting

  • Poor posture / low energy and focus

Lack of Focus May be Related to Weak Auditory Processing Skills

  • Daydreams or drifts in and out when listening

  • Loses concentration and comprehension when listening

  • Feels lost and anxious in class and conversations

  • Yawns incessantly when listening

“Careless” Work and Loss of Attention May be Related to Weak Visual Processing Skills

  • Avoids reading and writing

  • Doesn’t line up numbers in math

  • Low stamina for reading / becomes distracted or whiny quickly with written work

  • Rushes / “Just wants to get it done and doesn’t care if it’s right”

Neuroscience research tells us that through targeted and intensive training, the brain can be rewired to process information more effectively.  With a stronger foundation of underlying skills, we have consistently seen an increase in ease of learning and a reduction in attention symptoms for many students. While there are no simple, overnight solutions, most learning and attention challenges can be dramatically improved through cognitive skill training.

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